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AT&T Spirit Telephone System


Like the LEGEND Telephone System, the AT&T SPIRIT Telephone System is no longer commercially marketed but has a very large installed base in the small business community. DTS.communications can provide full service and replacement parts for your SPIRIT Telephone System. Call us today at (603) 429-0000.








Did you know...


...that AT&T was actually founded by Alexander Graham Bell? 1892 the company connected New York and Chicago for $9 for the first 5 minutes - the circuit could only handle one call at a time!... 1974 researchers at AT&T's Bell Labs created the UNIX operating system, the underlying operating system of today's Internet... 2005, SBC Communications (formerly Southwestern Bell Communications) announced the acquisition of  AT&T - ironically, SBC was a result of the AT&T divestiture in 1984!


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