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Telephone System Products, Installation, and Service

DTS.communications specializes in the planning, installation, and service of telephone systems for businesses, schools and government agencies. Our experienced technicians perform a site survey to determine your current telephone system infrastructure, business needs, and budget. Business needs may include features such as message/music-on-hold and paging, as well as considerations such as system expansion capability. The result of the site survey is a tailored proposal that fits the requirements of YOUR business.


Moving or expanding your office? We will work with your telephone service provider to coordinate new line installations, moves, and changes. Does your existing business telephone system require updating or expansion? Need replacement telephones for your old system? Our technicians will work with you to ensure that your business telephone system meets all your communications and business needs.


We offer cost-effective, reliable solutions from Avaya and Nortel (Northern Telecom). In addition, we service older phone systems from Avaya and AT&T.

About Avaya

Avaya became a standalone company in October of 2000, when it was spun off from Lucent Technologies. Prior to that, Avaya was a part of Western Electric, ATT, and Lucent for more than 100 years; the company's latest generation PARTNER Advanced Communications System (ACS) and Merlin Magix Integrated System solutions are a testament to their reputation for solid reliability, quality, and technological innovation. The Avaya Merlin Legend telephone system is no longer commercially available, however, DTS.communications can service your Merlin Legend phone system needs.

About Nortel

Since its founding in 1895 as Northern Electric and Manufacturing, Nortel (also formerly known as Northern Telecom) has built a strong reputation for innovation and quality. From the early years of electromechanical switches, to the first packet switch (the foundation of today's Internet), to today's cutting edge broadband wireless technology, Nortel continues to deliver solutions that help businesses stay competitive and focused. Solutions such as the Norstar Compact 3x8, Norstar Compact ICS, or Norstar Modular ICS give you the affordability and flexibility that your business demands.


About AT&T

The name AT&T has long been synonymous with telephony. Although the company no longer markets its telephone systems, the AT&T SPIRIT Telephone System enjoys a very large installed base.


Popular System Options


Voice Mail

A voice mail system can increase the productivity of your entire staff.   Our experts will design a cost-effective solution specifically for your needs, using products from leading manufacturers.  Let us help you understand, design, and deploy the system that is right for you.


Paging Systems

You do not need to rely solely on the paging capacity of your speakerphone to communicate throughout your facility. By incorporating overhead speakers, DTS.communications can improve your productivity and personnel efficiency as well as increase safety and security.


Music/Message-On-Hold Systems

Music/message-on-hold systems can help drive sales by promoting your company's products and services to your customers during the on-hold waiting experience. Announce upcoming sales events, feature new service offerings, and invite customers to ask for more information when they reach a live company representative.



Leasing is Available!
Did you know that leasing is available for equipment and infrastructure, as well as installation? Check out our deals on this website.


Our customers say...

"DTS.communications has been Eptam Plastics’ telephone system service provider for over a year now, and we are very happy with the service they provide; they are second to none! DTS.communications is  prompt, professional and the quality of work is outstanding. In today’s busy world we do not have time to waste, and DTS delivers. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for a telephone and data company that is responsive."


Kathleen Morin,

EPTAM Plastics

Northfield, NH





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